Curriculum Vitae

Curriculum Vitae - Alberto P. Blasetti

1. CITIZENSHIP: Argentinean

2. ACADEMIC RANK AN STATUS: Full Professor – Universidad Nacional de la Patagonia San Juan Bosco, Comodoro Rivadavia, Chubut - Argentina.

2005 - Direction Development Program (PDD). IAE Business School – Austral University, Buenos Aires – Argentina.
1994 - PhD Engineering Science. The University of Western Ontario – UWO, Ontario, Canada
1987 - Chemical Engineer, Universidad Nacional de la Patagonia San Juan Bosco, Comodoro Rivadavia, Chubut – Argentina.

2020 – Invited Researcher at the University of Western Ontario, London – Canada. February 2020.
2019 – Invited Collaborator Research stay of Jansen Acosta Lopez (UNC). “CFD on Alternative Energy Applications – VAWT under high winds”. Beatriz Aristizabal, Sandra Lopez Zamora (University of Colombia) and Hugo de Lasa (University of Western Ontario), A. Blasetti (UNPSJB).
2019 – “Energy efficiency Program” Consejo Federal de Inversiones. Instructor del módulo de diagnóstico para curso de Eficiencia Energética Provincia de Chubut. Septiembre 2019.
2018 – Actual. Research Project Director: “Manufacture and testing of a low-cost solar heater in Comodoro Rivadavia City”. In progress.
2018 – Actual. “Director of Academic and Scientific Event Program”, Facultad de Ingeniería, UNPSJB
2018 – Actual. “Research and Development Project Unit Coordinator (UGEPyD)”, Facultad de Ingeniería, UNPSJB
2018 – Actual. Full time Professor – “Operaciones Físicas II (Heat Exchangers Design)”, Facultad de Ingeniería – UNPSJB
2012 – Actual. Associated Professor – “Transmisión de Calor (Heat Transfer for Mechanical Engineers)”, Facultad de Ingeniería – UNPSJB
2018 – Actual. Associated Professor – “Procesos Unitarios (Chemical Reactor Design)”, Facultad de Ingeniería, UNPSJB.
2012 – 2017. Full Professor (Part time) – “Operaciones Físicas II (Heat Exchangers Design)”, Facultad de Ingeniería – UNPSJB
2010 – 2013 Research Project Director. “Heat exchanger software development project” A. Blasetti, S. Olivares, M. Bertolami, G. Oriana. UNPSJB
2000 – 2008 Associated Professor (Part time)– “Temodinámica Aplicada”, Facultad de Ingeniería – UNPSJB
1999 – 2001 Professor (Part time) – “Fisicoquímica”, Facultad de Ingeniería - UNPSJB
1998 – 2012 Associated Professor (Part time) – “Operaciones Físicas II (Heat Exchangers Design)”, Facultad de Ingeniería, UNPSJB.
1995 – 1998 “Associated Professor (Full time)” – “Fisicoquímica”, Facultad de Ingeniería – UNPSJB

1995 – 1996 Representative of the Engineering Faculty to the R+D advisory committee, UNPSJB.
1994 – 1998 Associated Professor (Full time) – “Operaciones Físicas II (Heat Exchangers Design)”, Facultad de Ingeniería, UNPSJB.
1985 – 1987 System Programmer IBM Mainframe Computer. UNPSJB.
Other appointments:
2017, 2013, 2008, 2007 Integrant of Academic Examination Committee for the Faculty of Engineering – UNPSJB and 2016 UNComahue. “Especialización en Hidrocarburos con Orientación Reservorios”.

2011 – 2018 Bolland & Co. Special Operations Division. Account Manager: Development of process and equipment for cleaning of industrial facilities, oil tanks and confined spaces in oil demulsification plants. Chemical and mechanical cleanings of water and oil pipelines in oil basins.
Matrix stimulation chemical treatments and pumping in both injector and oil producer well. Development and implementation of new technologies for oil tank cleaning using mechanical water injection nozzles. Staff in charge.
2006 – 2011 Bolland & Co. Marketing and Sales Representative: Preparation of technical and economical tenders. Analysis of processes and operational parameters in water and oil treatment plants. Product development formulation. Technical advice on corrosion treatment of secondary recovery water plants. Technical and commercial presentations for customers.
Marketing tasks, visits, product selection and technical advice for oil producer companies such as: YPF, AMOCO/PanAmerican Energy, Tecpetrol, Capsa, Vintage, Repsol-YPF (Neuquén – Mendoza - Comodoro Rivadavia).
2002 – 2006 Bolland & Co. S.A. - Development and Field Applications Engineer: Internal technical assistance for chemical treatment field operations. Design and operation of chemical reactors for strong oxidizing biocides for industrial field application. Development and implementation of new chemical products and services. Advice for the implementation of products and services in branch offices. Internal training and courses for branch operations personnel. Technical presentations for customers and operating companies (Repsol UNAS and UNAO, Tecpetrol CRD and BsAs, Vintage Bs As., Pluspetrol NQN). Staff in charge.
1998 – 2001 Bolland & Co. S.A. - Technical Representative: Technical assistant for secondary recovery water treatment plants and crude oil demulsification plants in Chubut and Santa Cruz province (REPSOL_YPF). Design and implementation of chemical treatments (biocides, corrosion inhibition, scale inhibition, etc.) in sixteen (16) water treatment plants of Repsol-YPF Chubut and Santa Cruz North areas. Process analysis of operational parameters for the formulation and/or reformulation of oil chemical demulsifier used in oil demulsification industrial plants. Monitoring of demulsification treatment in six (6) industrial REPSOL-YPF oil treatment plants in Chubut and Santa Cruz areas. Formulation and reformulation of chemical demulsifiers for crude oil treatment in Rio Alto and Astra Manantiales Behr basins. Technical advice in secondary recovery water treatment in Central, La Petiza and El Tordillo plants (Techint – Tecpetrol). Staff in charge
1998 (6 months) Gas Medanito S.A. - Technical Assistant. Start-up and initial operation of a H2S
sequestering plant using SulfaTREAT reactors technology.

2020 – “Computational Fluid Dynamics Basic Course with ANSYS Fluent”. On-line 10 hs ESSS Course. August 2019-February 2020.
2019 – “ANSYS SpaceClaim Geometric Modelling Course” On-line 9s ESSS Couse. August,2019.
2016 – “Workshop on treatment of nonconformity requirements”, Argentinean Institute of Standards and Certifications (IRAM)., Comodoro Rivadavia, Argentina.
2016 – “Pressure behavior during hydraulic fracking operations”. Argentinean Oil and Gas Institute (IAPG). Comodoro Rivadavia, Argentina.
2013 – “Nanotechnology for the Industry and the Society”. The Technological Entrepreneur Week. Argentinean Foundation for Nanotechnology. Comodoro Rivadavia, Argentina.
2013 – “Theory and Tools of Harvard Negotiation Project”, CMI International Group, Comodoro Rivadavia, Argentina.
2009 – “Social Psychology of Organizations”, UNPSJB, Comodoro Rivadavia, Argentina.
2008 – “MATLab applications for engineers”, UNPSJB, Comodoro Rivadavia, Argentina.
2006 – “Human behavior-based Safety”, Bolland “In-Company” Course, Argentina.
2006 – “Management of High WOR, High Gross Production Fields”, The Society of Petroleum Engineers. Argentina
2004 – “Health and Safety at Work”, REPSOL-YPF, Comodoro Rivadavia, Argentina.
2004 – “Strategic Negotiation”, UNPSJB, Comodoro Rivadavia, Argentina.
2003 – “Sulfate Reducing Bacteria in waterflooding oil production”, Bolland “In-Company” Course, Argentina.
2002 – “Operation of Waterflooding Treatment Plants in the Oil Industry”, Bolland “In-Company” Course, Argentina.
2002 – “Operation and Maintenance of Gas Treatment Amine Plants”, Argentinean Oil and Gas Institute (IAPG), Salta, Argentina.
2001 – “Safe operation of oxidizing biocides”, Bolland “In-Company” Course, Argentina.
2001 – “Safe operation of chemical products for the oil industry”, Bolland “In-Company” Course, Argentina.
2001 – “Oxidizing Biocides”, Bolland “In-Company”
1999 – “Hazardous substances transportation”, Bolland “In-Company” course, Argentina.
1998 – “Corrosion monitoring with Rohrback Cosasco System (RCS) equipment”, Bolland “InCompany” course, Argentina.
1998 – “Corrosion control in the Oil and Gas Production”. Argentinean Oil and Gas Institute (IAPG) and NACE International Corrosion Society, Buenos Aires, Argentina
1998 – “Quality Assurance”, Bolland “In-Company” course. Buenos Aires, Argentina
1998 – “Oil Production I”, Bolland “In-Company” course. Buenos Aires, Argentina

“PRODEIC – Programa para el diseño de equipos de intercambio de calor” (PRODEIC - Heat Exchanger Design Software). Authors: A. Blasetti, S. Olivares, M. Bertollami and G. Oriana. National Intellectual Registration Property (DNDA) No. 5184687/14

Blasetti, A., and Olivares P., “Método del Caso Aplicado a la Enseñanza de Transferencia de Calor en Ingeniería”. V Jornadas de Enseñanza en Ingeniería. Universidad Nacional de la Patagonia San Juan Bosco. September (2019).

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